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8 March 2017 by Guest Blogger

Budget 2017: Tax Reform

The Budget announced that National Insurance Contributions (NICs) from the self-employed will rise from 9% to 10% from 2018 and 11% from 2019. This reduces the gap between NICs paid by employees (12%) and the self-employed....Read more »

8 March 2017 by Shane Chowen

Budget 2017: FE Maintenance Loans

The Spring Budget announced new investment for maintenance loans for students on technical education courses at levels 4-6. The idea behind this is to support those students with living costs and provide some parity with the student...Read more »

7 March 2017 by Guest Blogger

Being bold doesn’t take as much effort as you think

I have to admit – feminism scares me. So, when I was asked to write this blog I went to open my underwear drawer to light a match to my best bra and then paused.  Reconsidering,...Read more »

7 March 2017 by Lesley Reece

It all starts with that first step

It’s hard to believe but when I look at myself today I can hardly recognise the woman I have become. Only two years ago I suffered from agoraphobia and had not left my home alone in...Read more »

2 March 2017 by Guest Blogger

All people are equal but learning empowers the individual

My childhood was spent in the rural areas of Tiaz, Yemen. I migrated to England in 2005 at the age of 15 years old to live with my grandparents for a safer life and brighter future....Read more »

Traineeship programme 7 February 2017 by Alex Stevenson

L&W seek RARPA case studies

Learning and Work Institute would like to speak to providers in England who use Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA), following changes to the Adult Education Budget (AEB). Recent flexibilities allowed in the AEB mean...Read more »

1 February 2017 by Suki Coe

Family Learning puts parents and children on an equal footing

Computing skills can often feel like the biggest gulf between parents and children, with the younger generation often being the ones teaching their elders, and parents feeling distant from a huge part of their children’s lives. This...Read more »

30 January 2017 by Connor Stevens

Working to help recovering drug users

Our evidence review of Drug Treatment Outcomes and Employment was published as part of Public Health England’s wider evidence review for their forthcoming Drugs Strategy. Drawing on a large body of research, the review explored the relationship...Read more »

27 January 2017 by Shane Chowen

What the IfA will lose without an apprentice on the board

According to the Department for Education, the function of the Institute for Apprenticeships is to: improve the quality of apprenticeships regulate the quality of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans provide advice to government on the pricing...Read more »

“Great to hear what people are doing to help young adult carers like me”
26 January 2017 by Emma

“Great to hear what people are doing to help young adult carers like me”

Emma, a young adult carer from York, attended a meeting of our National Policy Forum for Young Adult Carers on 11th January 2017. In this blog, she talks about her experience and what she gained from...Read more »

25 January 2017 by Nicola Aylward

Young Adult Carers – responsibilities, but what about rights?

For most young people the acquisition of rights and responsibilities goes hand in hand. As they get older, their responsibilities gradually increase, but so do their rights. This process is an important part of growing up...Read more »

19 January 2017 by Alex Stevenson

How the UK can make English language learning work

Learning benefits individuals, families, the wider community and the economy. It’s linked with better employment outcomes, improved physical and mental health, and increased social cohesion. Opportunities to learn are particularly important for people starting life in a...Read more »

8 December 2016 by Joyce Black

European Vocational Skills Week

I’ve just come back from Brussels having attended the opening conference - Adult Skills Empowering People. The 2-day conference had a great buzzy feel, with representation from over 37 countries across Europe.

8 December 2016 by Cath Harcula

Family Learning is the Answer

At a recent meeting of the National Family Learning Forum a range of current issues and challenges were discussed.

7 December 2016 by Fran Parry

The sector pledges further support to the UK’s greatest asset

The Skills and Apprenticeship Minister, Robert Halfon, was warmly received and kicked off the proceedings by throwing away his prepared speech and getting immediately to the point.

28 November 2016 by Elizabeth Davies

Bringing young people and employers together with What Employers Want

The What Employers Want programme provides the resources for practitioners to train and support unemployed young people to carry out face to face interviews with local employers, in order to help develop their understanding of what an ‘employable young person’ looks like from the perspective of the employer.

23 November 2016 by Dr Fiona Aldridge

Maximising the life chances of young people

We all want to give our children and young people the best start in life – though in practice, it’s sometimes hard to know how best to do this. At this year’s Skills Show, I was...Read more »

3 November 2016 by Sarah Gore

The benefits of learning spread well beyond the cohort of trainees

Forging a career in the museums and heritage sector has always been a bit of a tricky prospect.

Government Green Paper is welcome – but after a decade of reforms we need to get this right
3 November 2016 by Tony Wilson

Government Green Paper is welcome – but after a decade of reforms we need to get this right

 “Preventing people from falling out of work because of ill health is always better than having to pick up the pieces afterwards. So we want to support people at every stage – from out of work...Read more »

New information on labour market signals – commentary on 2016 earnings survey (ASHE) results
31 October 2016 by Paul Bivand

New information on labour market signals – commentary on 2016 earnings survey (ASHE) results

Employers signal information to potential recruits in a number of ways. Firstly, whether they are recruiting at all, and the methods they use to advertise jobs. Secondly, the pay offered.

31 October 2016 by Sean Hardy

Give it a go – don’t be afraid and don’t give up

I have always wanted to learn new skills. I never wanted to be a couch potato and always wanted to go to work and enjoy my life. I knew that the only way to do that was to learn. 

25 October 2016 by Lesley Reece

It might be scary but it really is worth doing

My learning journey began in January 2015 when I joined a jewellery making class with my daughter.  Previously I had not left the house alone for four years and signing up took all the...Read more »

25 October 2016 by Darren Davis

What inspires me is the development of my learners and what they can set out to achieve

Achieving the award as the National Inspirational Tutor of the Year is such an honour and privilege. There are so many tutors up and down the country that do an incredible job educating others and enhancing...Read more »

25 October 2016 by Fiona Barrett

Whatever your background, education or life story, it is never too late to learn

Not everyone shines at school. There can be many reasons for this, but the biggest one is the difficulty of those with neurodiverse conditions such as Dyslexia and ADHD. Access to the world of employment, and...Read more »

25 October 2016 by Shane Chowen

Digital ambition realised? Not quite yet…

Learning and Work Institute's Head of Public Affairs blogs about the legislation being moved today which will enable adults to access free basic digital skills training. 

19 October 2016 by Emily Jones

Evaluating RBLI’s LifeWorks

Yesterday, I had the privilege of introducing the findings of L&W’s evaluation of the LifeWorks programme at its launch in the Houses of Parliament.

5 October 2016 by Paul Sutter

An exciting and positive development for digital skills

The government have launched a new policy that seeks to make the UK one of the most digitally-skilled nations, with “publicly-funded basic digital skills training being offered free of charge to adults in England who need...Read more »

2 August 2016 by Duncan Melville

The potential labour market impact of Brexit

The overwhelming consensus amongst economists, normally a fractious bunch, is that Brexit is expected to reduce GDP growth with adverse labour market consequences: lower wages and, or higher unemployment, in both the short and longer terms.

28 July 2016 by Emily Jones

Offenders “Get set for success”

Emily Jones blogs on Learning and Work Institute's new Get Set For Success curriculum 

27 July 2016 by Victoria Hogan

UK and Scottish governments working together to deliver welfare and work

Times are changing and, for the first time, the UK and Scottish Governments have joint responsibilities to the people of Scotland in terms of the delivery of benefits and helping those who face the toughest barriers to get back...Read more »