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19 February 2016 by Colin Davies

The Work and Health Programme – How innovative will delivery be?

In this special guest blog, Publicco's Colin Davies takes an in-depth look at the issues which could promote and inhibit innovative practice in the Work and Health Programme.

17 February 2016 by David Hughes

Can the UK achieve good living standards and inclusive growth?

Learning and Work's chief executive David Hughes reflects on the Resolution Foundation's annual audit of living standards in the UK which was published earlier this week.

16 February 2016 by Alex Stevenson

Why basic skills without employer support just isn’t cricket

I’m quite possibly the only person in the country who associates beating Australia at cricket with delivering workplace basic skills.   Like most England cricket fans, I can remember exactly where I was when England won the...Read more »

9 February 2016 by Stephen Evans

Chance to change: the case (and plan) for prison reform

This week I attended the event where the Prime Minister gave a thoughtful speech of prison reform. There’s lots to welcome and more to do. Here’s five things you need to know about what he said....Read more »

5 February 2016 by Guest Blogger

Improving Transitions

The launch of the OECD report: Building Skills for All has highlighted improving transitions into the workplace as a key priority area to support young people to be successful in the labour market. In the UK,...Read more »

3 February 2016 by Emily Jones

Using evidence to support adult learning

The OECD’s report, Building Skills for All: A Review of England, provides another reality check on the millions of adults who have low basic skills. An estimated 9 million adults aged 16-65 have low literacy or numeracy...Read more »

2 February 2016 by Nicola Aylward

‘Equity in education requires early intervention’ – impact and challenges of low literacy and numeracy levels amongst young people in England

Last week the OECD published its latest report into literacy and numeracy skills. Building Skills for All: A Review of England provides shocking evidence of poor basic skills levels amongst young people in England.  The report...Read more »

28 January 2016 by Guest Blogger

Tell us about inclusive apprenticeships

The government has made a commitment to deliver three million apprenticeships by 2020. As numbers increase, it is vital access is widened so that no one who is able to undertake an apprenticeship is prevented from doing...Read more »

22 January 2016 by David Hughes

Helping Government reforms achieve high quality apprenticeships

At our roundtable with Policy Exchange yesterday, the Skills Minister, Nick Boles, set out a thorough and clear set of reforms he is driving forward to ensure that the 3million apprenticeship target is met through high quality. ...Read more »

20 January 2016 by Stephen Evans

The next frontiers of welfare reform

Frank Field was asked by Tony Blair in 1997 to think the unthinkable on welfare reform. Although a minister for just over a year (it turned out the unthinkable really was unthinkable), he has continued to...Read more »

15 January 2016 by Rachel Marvin

Local people, local growth

Recognising the critical importance of the devolution agenda, we decided that the first major policy report of Learning and Work Institute would focus on the key role that local areas can play in joining up employment, learning and skills interventions to unleash local talent, to tackle employment and skills challenges, and to deliver inclusive growth. 

14 January 2016 by Cerys Furlong

Further Education at the Heart of a New Vision for Education, Skills and Employment

Learning and Work Cymru director Cerys Furlong reflects on the publication of the Fostering High Quality Vocational Further Education in Wales report and considers the role and purpose of high quality vocational education as part of the education and skills landscape.

14 January 2016 by Shane Chowen

HE grants shift could hurt mature students and deserves full debate

This morning, a small group of MPs forming a committee you've probably never heard of will vote through regulations which deliver some of the changes to higher education student finance.

11 January 2016 by David Hughes

Welcome to the Learning and Work Institute

Welcome to Learning and Work Institute. We’re a new organisation built on the solid foundations of NIACE and Inclusion, two organisations with longstanding success and impact.   Learning and Work Institute will operate across the learning,...Read more »

11 January 2016 by Rachel Marvin

Mind the Gap

London is a dynamic, vibrant economy, but one in five people earn less than the London Living Wage. At the same time, as the capital’s economy grows, more and more employers are reporting skills gaps and...Read more »

2 December 2015 by Guest Blogger

Youth Employment Convention

A big thank you on behalf of Inclusion and NIACE to all the delegates, supporters, sponsors and speakers that attended our Youth Employment Convention last week. It was truly a day to share and engage with young people in finding more ways to inspire them into sustainable employment.

Where are the 3 million apprenticeships going to come from?
26 November 2015 by Guest Blogger

Where are the 3 million apprenticeships going to come from?

Toni Pearce makes the case for further devolution to help the government reach the 3 million apprenticeship target. 

25 November 2015 by Alex Stevenson

Unlocking local talent through the Citizens’ Curriculum

Alex Stevenson explains how devolution has the potential to develop better adult learning opportunities that genuinely meet the needs of local residents, local communities and the local economy.

Responsive delivery of local skills could drive sustained growth
24 November 2015 by Andrew Carter

Responsive delivery of local skills could drive sustained growth

Andrew Carter, Deputy Chief Executive of Centre for Cities, explains why skills funding matters to local economic growth. 

24 November 2015 by Rachel Marvin

In support of post punk politics

With devolution expected to be a big theme emanating from this week's Spending Review, Steve Muligan makes the case for Cities and Local Areas to be given a formal role in overseeing learning, skills and employment services.

Looking ahead – spending review 2015: outcomes for learning, skills and employment?
20 November 2015 by Stephen Evans

Looking ahead – spending review 2015: outcomes for learning, skills and employment?

This Wednesday’s Spending Review will set the framework for policy and debate for the next five years. We know it will include further cuts in public funding and that, with schools, health, defence and overseas aid...Read more »

19 November 2015 by Sarah Wait

MCA’s Community College responds to local learning needs

Sarah Wait, Community Lead Professional at Manchester Communication Academy, outlines how the Community College addressed the learning needs of over 1,600 local adults with provision continuing to grow.

17 November 2015 by Graham Hasting-Evans

Where are we all going?

As we approach the AoC’s annual conference in Birmingham the following question is uppermost in people’s minds, “Where are we all going?”. Graham Hasting-Evans MD at national awarding body NOCN reflects on what faces us all.

13 November 2015 by Megan Dunn

Women should have money on their minds when it comes to the gender pay gap

In our last of a series of blogs to mark this week's Equal Pay Day, Megan Dunn, National President of the NUS, argues that talking about money publicly is the only way to close the gender pay gap. 

The future of Community Learning
13 November 2015 by Guest Blogger

The future of Community Learning

Ahead of the Spending Review, NIACE's CEO, David Hughes, and Head of Family & Intergenerational Learning, Susannah Chambers, discuss the future of Community Learning.

10 November 2015 by Marylyn Haines-Evans

Addressing the needs of entire families can close the gender pay gap

The National Federation of Women's Institutes Vice-Chair, Marylyn Haines-Evans, argues that the needs of entire families need to be addressed to close the gender gap once and for all.   

We know what employers want, let’s get on and deliver it
10 November 2015 by Guest Blogger

We know what employers want, let’s get on and deliver it

There was disagreement at a joint BIS and DoE seminar this week with Cambridge Assessment’s Tim Coates saying that the CBI’s call for young people to be ‘work ready’ when they left school was ‘absurd’. The CBI stance was defended by Pearson’s Rod Bristow who said that the CBI wants ‘hard’ skills such as numeracy and literacy but also softer skills like leadership, communications and character traits like humility and integrity.

9 November 2015 by Jemima Olchawski

Know the facts to close the gap

Guest blog from the Fawcett Society, the UK's leading charity campaigning on gender equality, on actions to take to help close the gender pay gap.

9 November 2015 by Emma Mckay

What do Apprenticeships tell us about the gender pay gap?

Emma Mckay, Senior Policy Officer at the Young Women's Trust unpicks what Apprenticeships tell us about the gender pay gap. 

6 November 2015 by Connor Stevens

My Apprenticeship was my game changer

Connor Stevenson, 24, is currently completing a Level 3 Apprenticeship at Bolton College and working as an Apprentice Youth Worker for Raise the Youth Foundation in Bolton.