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More support needed for young adult carers
21 March 2012

More support needed for young adult carers

NIACE's call on education providers to do more to support young adult carers, was supported by Dame Philippa Russell, Chair of the Government's Standing Commission on Carers, at a national conference on 21 March.

20 March 2012

Online access in sheltered housing has widespread benefits

Providing computers and training in sheltered housing across the country has had a positive impact for both residents and landlords through the Get Digital programme - delivered by NIACE and Digital Unite - according to an evaluation report published on Friday 16 March.

NIACE welcomes new Social Justice strategy
20 March 2012

NIACE welcomes new Social Justice strategy

NIACE welcomes the Government's launch of the new Social Justice strategy - Social Justice: Transforming Lives - as it contains much which NIACE believes will please adult educators across the country.

9 March 2012

NIACE welcomes launch of National Numeracy

NIACE welcomes the recent launch of National Numeracy and looks forward to continuing to work closely with the new organisation to make the case for more, better and different maths learning for adults.

Greater freedom for FE colleges announced
27 February 2012

Greater freedom for FE colleges announced

The announcement that further education colleges will no longer be classified as part of central government has been welcomed by NIACE, which believes the decision will benefit adult learners.

23 February 2012

Next Steps for Digital Inclusion

Race Online, UK online centres and many others joined NIACE at a seminar on Thursday 15 March, to explore how the remaining 8.2 million people in the UK who have never been online, can be supported.

9 February 2012

More support for employers could double ‘apprenticeship appeal’

The number of employers prepared to take on an apprentice would more than double if the right package of support was available from Government and learning providers, says a new survey of 1,000 employers commissioned by Pearson and NIACE.

1 February 2012

NIACE welcomes NAO’s adult apprenticeship statement

NIACE welcomes the statement made by the National Audit Office that ‘Apprenticeships for adults offer a good return for the public money spent on them overall'.

30 January 2012

Drop in mature HE applications is a ‘warning sign for ministers’

The substantial drop in applications for higher education from mature students - announced in UCAS figures on Monday 30 January 2011 - is a significant cause for concern, NIACE believes.

NIACE welcomes BIS’s annual grant letter to Hefce
27 January 2012

NIACE welcomes BIS’s annual grant letter to Hefce

NIACE welcomes BIS's continued commitment to the premium universities in England receive to engage students from disadvantaged backgrounds, as confirmed in its annual grant letter to Hefce.

27 January 2012

Perspectives on further education loans

NIACE has today published a special issue of Adults Learning to inform the ongoing debate about the introduction of further education loans for adults over 24 years in England from 2013.

4 January 2012

NIACE response to interim UCAS figures

The drop of 14.4% in UCAS applications since 2011, from those aged 25 and over, is more than double the average overall drop of 6.4%. These are findings from the latest application figures released by UCAS and are of concern to NIACE.

15 December 2011

NIACE welcomes Government’s 16-24 participation strategy

NIACE welcomes the publication of the Government's new strategy to maximise the participation of 16 - 24 year olds in education, training and work and is particularly interested in the further details of the Youth Contract announced by the Deputy Prime Minister last month.

2 December 2011

NIACE welcomes new proposals for the reform of FE

NIACE welcomes the publication of New Challenges, New Chances, launched on 1 December 2011 by BIS. It sets out a strong vision for adult education with learners at the heart of a system which delivers economic and social renewal for individuals, families and communities.

1 December 2011

NIACE response to the 2011 Skills for Life Survey

NIACE insists that it is vital to continue investing in the literacy and numeracy needs of adults in its response to the Government's publication of the 2011 Skills for Life Survey: Headline Findings, which was published on Thursday 1 December 2011.

25 November 2011

NIACE welcomes Government’s Youth Contract

The announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (on Friday 25 November) of the Youth Contract - which will offer 400,000 young people aged 16 - 24 subsidised employment, work experience or apprenticeship opportunities - is broadly welcomed by NIACE.

18 November 2011

Army learning programme wins award

A NIACE-supported Army programme which reduces inequalities in health by helping to improve the literacy, language and numeracy skills of adults, has won the Military-Civilian Health Partnership Awards for Health Improvement and Promotion.

14 November 2011

Colleges Inquiry – final report published

If colleges in England are to do ‘more with less' then the Government needs to cut ‘red-tape' and all colleges need to do more to engage with and respond to learners and their local communities, says the final report of the Colleges Inquiry published on 15 November.

Engaging unemployed women in training
3 November 2011

Engaging unemployed women in training

As unemployment rates for women rise to the highest levels in 17 years, NIACE and the Skills Funding Agency have published a report setting out strategies for engaging women in pre-employment training and for supporting them to achieve and progress.

NIACE welcomes university admissions review
31 October 2011

NIACE welcomes university admissions review

NIACE welcomes the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) consultation on a post-results higher education (HE) admissions system, its ambition to put students at its heart, and the distinct needs of mature and part-time students recognised in the report.

NIACE submits response to FE consultation
18 October 2011

NIACE submits response to FE consultation

NIACE's full response to the Government's New Challenges, New Chances consultation - and its responses to the two accompanying consultations on FE loans and informal adult and community learning - are all available to read online.

16 October 2011

NIACE joins the Age Action Alliance

NIACE is a founder member of the Age Action Alliance, launched this month, a network of national and local agencies working together to celebrate the lives of older people and to improve the lives of the most marginalised.

12 October 2011

Local Democracy Week 2011

Across the country local authorities brought together young people and adults in a range of events to learn about how local government works and discuss key local issues, during Local Democracy Week (10-16 October).

5 October 2011

Ufi Charitable Trust sells Ufi Ltd and learndirect

NIACE hopes that learndirect will continue to strive for the highest standards of learner support, following the announcement by the Ufi Charitable Trust (UCT) that it has sold Ufi Limited, the company behind the learndirect brand.

3 October 2011

More projects funded for adult community learning

Another 27 organisations from across England have secured a total of £900k in funding from the Skills Funding Agency to offer informal adult and community learning opportunities to help make the Big Society a reality.

HE White Paper – full NIACE response
21 September 2011

HE White Paper – full NIACE response

In its response to the HE White Paper consultation, which closed on 20 September 2011, NIACE has argued that higher education should be viewed as part of a wider framework of lifelong learning.

19 September 2011

Every woman’s right to learn

A ten-point manifesto to help ensure every woman has the right to learn is being distributed by NIACE at the three main party conferences, which will lead to the publication of a final manifesto, ‘Every Woman's Right to Learn', on International Women's Day 2012.

16 September 2011

Capturing social value

To support the increasing emphasis placed by Government on capturing the return and value of adult learning for economic and social purposes, NIACE has produced three publications illustrating the social value of adult learning.

13 September 2011

NIACE update on ESOL policy changes

NIACE has published its latest update on the government policy changes to funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in England.

12 September 2011

Inquiry’s recommendations to improve adult literacy

Addressing adult literacy needs must be regarded as a moral imperative and the cycle of inter-generational difficulties with literacy must be broken. These are the main findings of a year-long Independent Inquiry into Adult Literacy, supported by NIACE.