Employment and Skills Convention 2018

  10/07/2018 09:00

Welcoming organisations hosting debate sessions: Centre for Cities, Nesta and The Resolution Foundation.


Get in, get on: services that work for everyone

We stand at a crossroads. Employment is at record levels. Employment and skills services, charities, councils and Jobcentre Plus have all played their parts in transforming lives during changing times. But even with this progress, still too many groups face entrenched disadvantage and too many areas risk being left behind. Despite being one of the world’s wealthiest countries, living standards remain little changed in a decade.

We live in changing times. Looking ahead, political and economic uncertainty will continue to affect us all. Against a backdrop of lower growth and Brexit uncertainty, the employment and skills system will once again see extensive reform – including Universal Credit rollout, Work and Health, apprenticeships, the national retraining scheme, devolution and more besides. With investment in support continuing to fall in real terms, the next few years will likely be more challenging than the last.

This Convention is for everyone who wants to play a leading role in changing lives. We know that services, charities, councils and partners will continue to rise to these challenges. We share a commitment to building a country that works for everyone, and where all can achieve their potential. This convention will celebrate our successes, showcase what’s working, give expert insight on the latest developments, and debate the future.

This year’s convention

This is our inaugural Employment and Skills Convention, building on the fifteen year history of our IntoWork Conventions.  We’ll be tackling some big questions:

  • How do we make a reality of ‘Improving Lives’? How will the Work and Health Programme, new Jobcentre Plus support, work and health trials and local services work together and with partners to support one million more disabled people to work?
  • How do we place adult skills, apprenticeships and the national retraining scheme at the heart of what we do? How do we ensure that the apprenticeship levy, non-levy provision, local skills support and the emerging retraining scheme can help re-balance local economies, and support everyone to achieve their potential?
  • What does the new landscape of combined authorities, metro mayors and local devolution hold? What does this mean for future commissioning and support, and how do we learn from the best in aligning, co-ordinating and integrating support?
  • What are the implications of Universal Credit? What will the latest changes mean, where are the best examples in managing its impacts, and how do we ensure that it delivers dignity, security and opportunity?
  • How do we build a system that works for everyone? For those out of work who want to prepare for work; for those in work who want better work; for those looking to upskill or retrain; for employers who want to do more or do it better; and for local areas to deliver inclusive growth?

We’ll have debates, contributions from politicians and leading thinkers, and masterclasses and presentations on best practice from around the country. Our convention will have some of the answers, and you will have more!


The big questions being tackled at the convention are…

  • How can we make sure everyone who can, is able to work?
  • What is the role of apprenticeships and skills?
  • How will changes to the benefit system affect people?
  • What is the role of local authorities and metro mayors?

We’ll tackle these questions through a mix of debates, contributions from politicians and leading thinkers, and masterclasses and presentations on best practice from around the country.

Benefits of attending

  • Hear from politicians, senior professionals and top leaders from public, private and third sector organisations.
  • Learn what is working and how it is being funded from a range of practitioners.
  • Stay up to date and informed about the latest developments and innovations in policy and delivery.
  • Be part of the debate on the future of devolution, service integration and support.
  • Network with individuals and organisations across sectors.


Who should attend?
Do you help people find work, keep work and progress in work? Are you dedicated to integrating services for improving employability and reducing worklessness? Do you want to create robust and sustainable policies? Are you in local or national government, charities, third sector and work in or with organisations across sectors including health, skills, and justice? This convention is for you!

The convention will be the place to forge new partnerships, share, innovate and participate across sectors dedicated to integrating services that improve employability and reduce worklessness from across the UK and beyond.

Have your say

Our call for workshops is open! We want to hear from the sector’s cutting-edge deliverers and influencers. Complete your proposal on our submissions platform here.

Have your say on…

  • What works? What is the evidence for that? What are the practical lessons?
  • How do we spread this good practice to make a sustained difference?
  • How can different sectors, groups and localities work better together?

Call for workshops closes 28 February 2018.

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Employment and Skills Convention 2018

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