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by Joyce Black • on 08 Dec 2016

European Vocational Skills Week

I’ve just come back from Brussels having attended the opening conference - Adult Skills Empowering People. The 2-day conference had a great buzzy feel, with representation from over 37 countries across Europe.

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by Cath Harcula • on 08 Dec 2016

Family Learning is the Answer

At a recent meeting of the National Family Learning Forum a range of current issues and challenges were discussed.

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by Fran Parry • on 07 Dec 2016

The sector pledges further support to the UK's greatest asset

The Skills and Apprenticeship Minister, Robert Halfon, was warmly received and kicked off the proceedings by throwing away his prepared speech and getting immediately to the point.

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by Elizabeth Davies • on 28 Nov 2016

Bringing young people and employers together with What Employers Want

The What Employers Want programme provides the resources for practitioners to train and support unemployed young people to carry out face to face interviews with local employers, in order to help develop their understanding of what an ‘employable young person’ looks like from the perspective of the employer.

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by Dr Fiona Aldridge • on 23 Nov 2016

Maximising the life chances of young people

We all want to give our children and young people the best start in life – though in practice, it’s sometimes hard to know how best to do this.

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by Sarah Gore • on 03 Nov 2016

The benefits of learning spread well beyond the cohort of trainees

Forging a career in the museums and heritage sector has always been a bit of a tricky prospect.

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by Tony Wilson • on 03 Nov 2016

Government Green Paper is welcome – but after a decade of reforms we need to get this right

 “Preventing people from falling out of work because of ill health is always better than having to pick up the pieces afterwards.

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by Paul Bivand • on 31 Oct 2016

New information on labour market signals - commentary on 2016 earnings survey (ASHE) results

Employers signal information to potential recruits in a number of ways. Firstly, whether they are recruiting at all, and the methods they use to advertise jobs. Secondly, the pay offered.

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by Sean Hardy • on 31 Oct 2016

Give it a go - don't be afraid and don't give up

I have always wanted to learn new skills. I never wanted to be a couch potato and always wanted to go to work and enjoy my life. I knew that the only way to do that was to learn. 

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