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by David Hughes • on 11 Jan 2016

Welcome to the Learning and Work Institute

Welcome to Learning and Work Institute. We’re a new organisation built on the solid foundations of NIACE and Inclusion, two organisations with longstanding success and impact.  

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Mind The Gap

by Steve Mulligan • on 11 Jan 2016

Mind the Gap

London is a dynamic, vibrant economy, but one in five people earn less than the London Living Wage.

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by Whitney Addow • on 02 Dec 2015

Youth Employment Convention

A big thank you on behalf of Inclusion and NIACE to all the delegates, supporters, sponsors and speakers that attended our Youth Employment Convention last week. It was truly a day to share and engage with young people in finding more ways to inspire them into sustainable employment.

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by Alex Stevenson • on 25 Nov 2015

Unlocking local talent through the Citizens’ Curriculum

Alex Stevenson explains how devolution has the potential to develop better adult learning opportunities that genuinely meet the needs of local residents, local communities and the local economy.

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by Andrew Carter • on 24 Nov 2015

Responsive delivery of local skills could drive sustained growth

Andrew Carter, Deputy Chief Executive of Centre for Cities, explains why skills funding matters to local economic growth. 

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George Osborne

by Steve Mulligan • on 24 Nov 2015

In support of post punk politics

With devolution expected to be a big theme emanating from this week's Spending Review, Steve Muligan makes the case for Cities and Local Areas to be given a formal role in overseeing learning, skills and employment services.

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by Stephen Evans • on 20 Nov 2015

Looking ahead - spending review 2015: outcomes for learning, skills and employment?

This Wednesday's Spending Review will set the framework for policy and debate for the next five years.

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MCA logo

by Sarah Wait • on 19 Nov 2015

MCA’s Community College responds to local learning needs

Sarah Wait, Community Lead Professional at Manchester Communication Academy, outlines how the Community College addressed the learning needs of over 1,600 local adults with provision continuing to grow.

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NOCN logo

by Graham Hasting-Evans • on 17 Nov 2015

Where are we all going?

As we approach the AoC’s annual conference in Birmingham the following question is uppermost in people’s minds, “Where are we all going?”. Graham Hasting-Evans MD at national awarding body NOCN reflects on what faces us all.

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