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by Stephen Evans • on 03 Mar 2016

The road to full employment

Learning and Work's deputy chief executive Stephen Evans responds toThe Resolution Foundation's new report on achieving full employment.

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by Kevin Campbell-Wright • on 29 Feb 2016

Good Morning, Europe!

When I think about why it’s important to learn from our colleagues in Europe, one thing springs to mind.  Mornings.  It doesn’t matter how much passion I have for work, learning or life I

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by Stephen Evans • on 25 Feb 2016

How we're helping to boost living standards

The ongoing crunch in living standards, the rollout of Universal Credit, rise in in-work poverty. All of these make providing better support to tackle low pay more essential.

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by Colin Davies • on 19 Feb 2016

The Work and Health Programme - How innovative will delivery be?

In this special guest blog, Publicco's Colin Davies takes an in-depth look at the issues which could promote and inhibit innovative practice in the Work and Health Programme.

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by David Hughes • on 17 Feb 2016

Can the UK achieve good living standards and inclusive growth?

Learning and Work's chief executive David Hughes reflects on the Resolution Foundation's annual audit of living standards in the UK which was published earlier this week.

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by Alex Stevenson • on 16 Feb 2016

Why basic skills without employer support just isn’t cricket

I’m quite possibly the only person in the country who associates beating Australia at cricket with delivering workplace basic skills.   Like most England cricket fans, I can remember exac

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sign to prison

by Stephen Evans • on 09 Feb 2016

Chance to change: the case (and plan) for prison reform

This week I attended the event where the Prime Minister gave a thoughtful speech of prison reform. There's lots to welcome and more to do.

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by Toni Pearce • on 05 Feb 2016

Improving Transitions

The launch of the OECD report: Building Skills for All has highlighted improving transitions

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Image of adult learner

by Emily Jones • on 03 Feb 2016

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