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photo of Scottish border

by Victoria Hogan • on 27 Jul 2016

UK and Scottish governments working together to deliver welfare and work

Times are changing and, for the first time, the UK and Scottish Governments have joint responsibilities to the people of Scotland in terms of the delivery of benefits and helping tho

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London skyline

by Mary Vine-Morris • on 25 Jul 2016

Supporting individuals with careers, skills development and progression

Our political landscape has been nothing if not ‘dynamic’ in the past few weeks – it would probably be easier to comment on what hasn’t changed rather than what has.  A constant for us in London though is the need to properly address in-work poverty. London, one of the most prosperous cities in the world, still has almost one in five workers earning less than the London Living Wage.  Despite our new Prime Minister’s laudable sentiments it’s pretty hard to see how individuals will feel part of an economically prosperous and socially integrated society if they don’t have the opportunity to progress, to achieve and indeed exceed their expectations – for themselves and for their families.  That’s why AoC is behind Ambition London.

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Damian Green

by Tony Wilson • on 19 Jul 2016

The Green Agenda

So after replacing the longest-serving Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Stephen Crabb leaves office as its briefest incumbent.  It was only three months ago that

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by Scott Parkin • on 19 Jul 2016

Aliens Guide to Health and Work

I arrived at the Convention this year with a little trepidation.

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by Kirsty McHugh • on 14 Jul 2016

We need strong champions in an uncertain time

Well, hasn’t this been a weird period?  Probably one of the strangest that many of us will have experienced in our adult lives.  I know many of you will have been feeling rather discombob

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by Dr Jo Ingold - Paul Hughes - Chris Harrison • on 13 Jul 2016

What works for employers: Bridging the gap between academia, policy and practice

Once again, the IntoWork Convention provided the platform for some thought-provoking debate and we’d like to thank the Learning & Work Institute for the opportunity to get involved.  

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by Raza Khan • on 13 Jul 2016

The Brave New World of JobCentre Plus

Today I spoke at the IntoWork Convention about the Future of Jobcentre Plus, sharing some of the ideas Working Links has on how the service can continue to best serve its customers in its expanding

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by Nicola Aylward • on 12 Jul 2016

Maximising the impact of Traineeships

Guest blogs from our IntoWork Convention 2016 partners.

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by Debbie Sorkin • on 12 Jul 2016

Blogs from the breakouts

Guest blogs from our IntoWork Convention 2016 partners.

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