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by Lesley Reece • on 25 Oct 2016

It might be scary but it really is worth doing

My learning journey began in January 2015 when I joined a jewellery making class with my daughter. 

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by Darren Davis • on 25 Oct 2016

What inspires me is the development of my learners and what they can set out to achieve

Achieving the award as the National Inspirational Tutor of the Year is such an honour and privilege.

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by Fiona Barrett • on 25 Oct 2016

Whatever your background, education or life story, it is never too late to learn

Not everyone shines at school. There can be many reasons for this, but the biggest one is the difficulty of those with neurodiverse conditions such as Dyslexia and ADHD.

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by Shane Chowen • on 25 Oct 2016

Digital ambition realised? Not quite yet...

Learning and Work Institute's Head of Public Affairs blogs about the legislation being moved today which will enable adults to access free basic digital skills training. 

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by Emily Jones • on 19 Oct 2016

Evaluating RBLI's LifeWorks

Yesterday, I had the privilege of introducing the findings of

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by Susan Easton • on 05 Oct 2016

An exciting and positive development for digital skills

The government have launched a new policy that seeks to make the UK one of the most digitally-skilled nations, with “publicly-funded basic digital skills training being offered free of charge to ad

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EU and UK flags

by Duncan Melville • on 02 Aug 2016

The potential labour market impact of Brexit

The overwhelming consensus amongst economists, normally a fractious bunch, is that Brexit is expected to reduce GDP growth with adverse labour market consequences: lower wages and, or higher unemployment, in both the short and longer terms.

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by Emily Jones • on 28 Jul 2016

Offenders "Get set for success"

Emily Jones blogs on Learning and Work Institute's new Get Set For Success curriculum 

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photo of Scottish border

by Victoria Hogan • on 27 Jul 2016

UK and Scottish governments working together to deliver welfare and work

Times are changing and, for the first time, the UK and Scottish Governments have joint responsibilities to the people of Scotland in terms of the delivery of benefits and helping tho

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