Citizenship materials for ESOL learners
The aim of the new Citizenship materials for ESOL learners pack is to help the ESOL teacher develop the learners' knowledge of life in the UK, and to help them become more active citizens and to support applications for citizenship and settlement.

There are three ways to download the materials:

1. Search by level and/or skill

Use the search box on the right to locate sections of the pack which are specific to a particular skill (speaking, listening, reading or writing) or an ESOL Entry Level (E1, E2, or E3). The search results also contain links to adaptable versions of the Learners' Activities.

2. Download the complete pack

To download the zip file, right click on the link and select "save target as" (for Internet Explorer users) or "Save link as" (for Firefox users)

3. Download the pack section by section

Each of the following PDFs contains the Teachers' Notes and Learners' Activities for that particular section. If you want to adapt these activities, simply use the Word version and create your own learners' activities.


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