L&W Compact with Government Impact Report 2015/2016

This report shows how we play a key role in supporting Government to ensure learning and skills play their full part in delivering of the Government's objectives.

L&W Impact Report 2015-16

Our vision is for a prosperous and fair society in which learning and work provide opportunities for everyone to realise their potential and ambitions throughout life. Our impact report shows how our work in 2015-16 contributes to this.

NIACE Impact Report 2014-15

The NIACE Impact Report shows how NIACE delivered through the key areas of work around life and society, work and careers, making the system work, and campaigning.

BIS Impact Report 2014-15

NIACE has delivered 31 projects with 21 powerful outcomes as part of its 2014-15 grant agreement with BIS, supporting the department to widen participation in learning and skills, and maximise its impact on people’s lives and the nation’s economy.