National Older Learners Group

23 March 2018

National Older Learners Group  The National Older Learners Group (NOLG) brings together the main national agencies, including Government departments, with an interest in older people’s learning. It is concerned with learning for personal development, civic engagement...

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National Adult Education Stakeholder Groups

23 March 2018

National Adult Education Stakeholder Groups Learning and Work Institute co-ordinates a number of adult education stakeholder policy groups for the Department for Education. Local Education Authority Further Education Association (LEAFEA) National Advisory Group on Peer Volunteering...

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Helping older people gain digital skills

22 February 2017

Helping older people gain digital skills for the 21st century ?Digital skills are critical for life in the 21st Century. Everyday activities—such as shopping, using a telephone and banking—increasingly require interaction with technology. Digital skills (the skills needed to interact...

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Employment support for unemployed older people

24 January 2017

Older people who are out of work face significant barriers in the labour market and typically spend longer unemployed than people aged under 50. In order to help understand why, this research looked at the extent to which employment support meets the needs of older jobseekers.

Learning for Older People in Care Settings

19 January 2017 Uncategorised

A range of resources to improve access to learning opportunities for older people in care settings.

Consulting with stakeholders on our merger

30 October 2015 In and for Work

Since announcing our plans to merge with NIACE in July, we have been busy working with, and listening to, our staff, members, partners, funders and other stakeholders who are as passionate about lifelong learning and work as we are.

Time to ensure older people gain the digital skills they need

7 May 2015 Blog

In the next in our series of blogs on the Ten Policies for Ten People, Steve Mulligan explains how the Government can deliver a programme of Training to support Older People and carers to rapidly gain the skills they need to access online services.

New report on how government and housing developers are failing 300,000 disabled and older people

3 December 2014 English & Maths

The government and local councils have come under criticism from the charity, Leonard Cheshire Disability following their report ‘No Place Like Home: 5 million reasons to make housing disabled-friendly’, part of their Home Truths campaign.

Self-employed ranks boosted by older workers

9 September 2014 News

People working beyond the retirement age are boosting the ranks of the self-employed to its highest rate in 40 years, a labour market expert has said.

NIACE updates popular resources for older people in care

25 July 2014 Family and Community Learning

NIACE has published updated versions of its popular resources - Learning for Older People in Care Settings - in light of policy changes and key research conducted in this area.

Vital for economy to ‘hold on’ to older workers

2 April 2014 In and for Work

Urgent action is required to support people to stay working longer and NIACE believes an important part of the solution is to provide all adults with Mid-life Career Reviews to help them think, plan and prepare in order to extend their working lives with confidence.

Older people’s learning is changing: new survey from NIACE

16 November 2012 News

Older people’s learning has undergone many changes over the past seven years according to new research published by NIACE on Monday 19 November.

Supporting more older people into learning

19 October 2012 Family and Community Learning

NIACE and Age UK joined forces to explore better ways of supporting older people into learning, at a conference hosted by BT in London, on Friday 19 October 2012.

EAAL Project Deliverables 2017-2019

27 February 2020

  Internal project management agenda January 2018 Internal project management agenda and attachments April 2018 Internal project management  agenda  July 2018 Internal project management agenda and attachments October 2018 Internal project management agenda and attachments February 2019:...

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Urgent action needed to fix apprenticeship levy and prevent ‘creeping rationing’ of training post-Brexit 

25 October 2019 News

Government must urgently reform the apprenticeship levy and provide additional funding to prevent the loss of up to 75,000 apprenticeships at SMEs, according to new research from a leading research institute.   New data uncovered by Learning and Work Institute shows the assumptions...

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Bridging the Gap: next steps for the apprenticeship levy

25 October 2019

Apprenticeships are a great way to combine learning with earning, helping people build their careers and enabling employers to meet their skills needs. In 2017, the government introduced the apprenticeship levy in an effort to boost employer...

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The sobering reality and growing significance of low-paid and insecure work

17 October 2019 Better Work Network

Since our launch, the Better Work Network has grown rapidly to include over 260 members. The high levels of interest in our work reflect the sobering reality of the growing significance of the issues of low...

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UK risks falling behind post-Brexit as new survey shows number of adults improving their skills has fallen to record low

7 September 2019 News

Largest survey of its kind shows just one in three adults have taken part in learning in the last three years and widening inequalities in access to learning The number of adults taking part in learning...

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Highlights: Better Work Conference

6 September 2019

Better Work Conference 2019: Innovative approaches to promoting better work" _made_with_builder="true"][/text_block][/column][/row][row][column width="1_1" css_classes="" _made_with_builder="true"][text_block text="Marking one year since the launch of the Better Work Network by Learning and Work Institute and Trust for London, the inaugural Better Work Conference brought together over 80 delegates from a wide range of stakeholders working to tackle low paid and poor-quality work. The conference provided a valuable opportunity to hear about some of the innovative projects being carried out by network members and to share best practice in the commissioning, design and delivery of initiatives to promote better work.

E&S19: Why employers should care about the ageing workforce – and what they should do about it.

23 July 2019 Blog

Robots and Brexit are the two phenomena most commonly talked about when people discuss the future of work and the workplace. But there is a third major change coming to the world of work, that everyone...

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E&S19: Where next for apprenticeships?

10 July 2019 Blog

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) believes that apprenticeships can drive improvements in workforce productivity at all levels.  The programme should also be a vehicle for social justice.  Other key stakeholders feel the same,...

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The Better Work Map

21 June 2019

The Better Work MapThis map has been created by the Better Work Network to locate progression-focused initiatives that are or have been in operation across the UK.

The drive for better work: tackling the causes and consequences of in-work poverty

20 June 2019 Better Work Network

The UK is currently experiencing a sustained period of labour market success. Unemployment is at its lowest level in over 40 years at 3.8%, and employment is at a record high at 76.1%. Yet, the experience...

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Our response to the NAO statement on apprenticeships

6 March 2019 News

Following the release of the National Audit Office statement on the apprenticeships programme, Stephen Evans, chief executive, Learning and Work Institute, said: “The best apprenticeships are world-leading, but the National Audit Office is right to raise...

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Carers Rights Day 2018: caring for the future of young adult carers

29 November 2018 Blog

Today is Carers Rights Day, an important campaign which aims to raise awareness of the needs and rights of carers. This year’s theme, ‘caring for your future’, emphasises the difference that having the right information at...

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While participation in adult learning is in decline, Festival of Learning aims to show that barriers can be overcome through its award winners’ stories

19 November 2018 Blog

For the last twenty years, Learning and Work Institute (L&W) has run an annual survey to gauge the level of adult participation in learning. Year-on-year, roughly two fifths of adults say that they are participating in...

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Millennials and baby-boomers agree that education and work can help them keep healthy, report shows

26 October 2018 News

Not everyone feels investment in hospitals and medical services is the best way to spend the billions of pounds devoted to healthcare, says a new poll of 3,000 adults. To mark the 70th birthday of the...

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Learning, work and health: six big challenges for the next 70 years of the NHS

26 October 2018 Blog

This year the National Health Service celebrated its 70th birthday. There is no question that the overall health of the population in England has improved greatly over the last 7 decades, but we must also recognise...

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Family learning in prisons toolkit now available

19 October 2018 Community Learning

Family ties have long been acknowledged as important to offender rehabilitation, and Lord Farmer’s 2017 review named families as the ‘golden thread’ running through the new approach to reducing reoffending. The 2017 review focused attention on...

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Youth Opportunity Index Map

4 October 2018

Youth Opportunity Index MapUse this interactive map to explore the Youth Opportunity Index.The Index gives a relative measure of education and employment opportunities for young people across England’s 150 local education authorities. The score for each area reflects how its performance compares with the best-performing area in the country; the higher the score, the better the performance. Results are presented as a heatmap, with darker shades representing higher scores.