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How to use the SMOG Calculator

Text supplied:- Increasing number of students registering over the four years. Gender three quarters to two thirds female over the four years. Increasing number of males registering however over time. Ethnic group are white or unknown, slightly decreasing proportion over time as increasing number of other ethnic groups. Disabled In the last three years little change in the proportion of disabled students about a third. Age Range Most students between years. However decreasing number of and increasing numbers of year olds over time.


How to use the SMOG calculator
You can use this calculator to check the readability level of your own documents or texts from a website.
It uses a version of the SMOG formula, which gives a score as a "readability level" rather than the American school grade level of the original SMOG test which was created by Harry McLaughlin in 1969.  To obtain the most accurate score on longer documents use a sample of at least 100 words from three different places in your document.

For guidance in interpreting the readability score, download the free Readability leaflet: http://www.learningandwork.org.uk/resource/readability/
(SMOG stands for Simplified Measure of Gobbledygook!)

For further information about this project, please contact Sue Southwood at NIACE on sue.southwood@niace.org.uk or  07795 651071

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