Emily Jones

Head of Research

Emily Jones is Learning and Work Institute's Head of Research. She leads the Research Team and has responsibility for co-ordinating research activity across the organisation's strategic areas, as well as leading Learning and Work Institute's work on impact measurement and the wider outcomes of learning.

Emily is currently leading a portfolio of work around maths and English research, and is supporting Learning and Work Institute's research with the British Army.

Emily joined NIACE in 2008, having graduated from Durham University with a degree in Sociology in 2007. She has progressed through a range of research roles, including co-ordinating the Inquiry into the Future for Lifelong Learning, which resulted in Learning Through Life. Emily has recently completed a Masters in Education with the Open University.

Emily is an enthusiastic knitter, after teaching herself to knit by watching tutorials on YouTube.

19 October 2016 by Emily Jones

Evaluating RBLI’s LifeWorks

Yesterday, I had the privilege of introducing the findings of L&W’s evaluation of the LifeWorks programme at its launch in the Houses of Parliament.

28 July 2016 by Emily Jones

Offenders “Get set for success”

Emily Jones blogs on Learning and Work Institute's new Get Set For Success curriculum 

3 February 2016 by Emily Jones

Using evidence to support adult learning

The OECD’s report, Building Skills for All: A Review of England, provides another reality check on the millions of adults who have low basic skills. An estimated 9 million adults aged 16-65 have low literacy or numeracy...Read more »