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12 December 2012 by Guest Blogger

The role of skills within the Work Programme

Today, NIACE has published a new free guide – The Work Programme: What is the role of skills available at – to help many more Work Programme Prime and sub-Prime providers make skills provision available to their programme participants through working in partnership with learning providers.  

Where are we with public engagement in universities in the UK?
7 December 2012 by David Hughes

Where are we with public engagement in universities in the UK?

I spoke at the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement conference in Bristol yesterday, and posed an important question – “Where are we with public engagement in universities in the UK?” The role universities can play...Read more »

28 November 2012 by Dr Fiona Aldridge

A time for change

It’s been a really busy week at NIACE and yesterday alone we responded to the Richard Review of Apprenticeships, the publication of the Work Programme Statistics and the Chief Inspector’s annual report for Ofsted. And on Friday we publish The Adult Apprentice, setting out NIACE’s position on apprenticeships and featuring the stories of 10 inspiring adult apprentices nominated for last year’s Adult Learners’ Week awards.

22 November 2012 by David Hughes

A new faith in freedoms and flexibilities?

After more than 48 hours engrossed in endless discussion and debate about further education, skills and learning with colleges from around the country, I came away wondering what I had learned and whether things are changing.

8 November 2012 by Martin Rose

Investing in literacy and numeracy does pay

Good literacy and numeracy skills are crucial in helping Servicemen and women carry out their jobs and take advantage of the training and career opportunities on offer in the Armed Forces. This was the official line...Read more »

Milburn report should prompt action on part-time numbers
18 October 2012 by Tim Allan

Milburn report should prompt action on part-time numbers

Alan Milburn’s justified criticism of the government’s decision to cut the Education Maintenance Allowance – a ‘very bad mistake’, he argues – may have grabbed the headlines, but there is much else that is good and useful in his thoughtful, intelligent report on the role of higher education in advancing social mobility.

A week down under
7 October 2012 by David Hughes

A week down under

I’ve just returned from a fascinating week in Australia where I met lots of people, made a few speeches and took part in a major conference on the Future of Work. I was a guest of...Read more »

27 September 2012 by David Hughes

The role we can all play in addressing inequalities in adult learning

One of the challenges I wanted to face up to when I joined NIACE was to decide what to do with the results of the annual survey of learning participation, which has become an annual event since the mid-1990s.

Women’s Right to Literacy
5 September 2012 by Dr Janine Eldred

Women’s Right to Literacy

I have witnessed the pride of women in Uganda, reading in public for the first time in their lives. Literacy gave them confidence to actively participate in their communities. I have seen small groups of women...Read more »

“So, what will the new NIACE look like, then?”
29 November 2011 by David Hughes

“So, what will the new NIACE look like, then?”

This is the question which I have been asked most often since I was appointed to the NIACE role. It’s a great question to ask and I will make an attempt to answer it, but before...Read more »