CfRC Annual Conference: Building a better financial services system

  19/10/2020 09:15   Event ID :15417

Building a better financial services system

Celebrating 10 years of campaigning for a fair and inclusive market

The CfRC will be celebrating its tenth anniversary conference in 2020.

The conference reaches out across traditional divides, bringing together the financial services sector with local authorities, the social housing sector, not for profit affordable credit providers, FinTechs, and debt and community-based advice agencies.

This year’s conference will examine the systemic problems which make credit so much more expensive for people on lower incomes. Sessions will focus on the role of credit data sharing and scoring; the role of money guidance and debt advice services in improving financial outcomes and behaviours; and the opportunities to develop more affordable, and effective, financial services to meet the needs of lower income households.

As well as reviewing the effectiveness of recent policy and regulatory efforts to improve the operation of consumer credit markets and the help available to people in debt, we will also be showcasing the latest developments in our exciting rent-flex trials, which we are taking forwards with Optivo, One Manchester and Metropolitan Housing Association. We will also be highlighting a new project, with Jubilee Debt Campaign, which aims to organise groups of debtors so that these have a more direct input into policy making.

Join us on 19 October 2020 for what promises to be a fantastic 10th anniversary event.

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CfRC Annual Conference: Building a better financial services system

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