The Better Work Network is a policy and practice-based initiative, hosted by Learning and Work Institute and Trust for London, dedicated to tackling the issues of low pay and poor quality of work within London and across the wider United Kingdom. The network brings together a range of stakeholders and influencers, including central and local government, think-tanks, charities, employers, funders and organisations involved in the delivery of support.

Through an innovative programme of research and development, our aim is to build upon the growing number of existing initiatives which support good work and in-work progression by testing what works, promoting best practice and providing a coordinating role to support stakeholders to bring real and long-lasting change and improve earnings and work quality.

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What we do

Research and Development

Our skilled research team conduct targeted research and analysis to test ideas, identify what works and support and develop new approaches; maximising the impact of initiatives to improve earnings and work quality.

Collaboration and evidence sharing

We share best practice and new thinking through a range of accessible outputs, resources and events; supporting innovation and learning between network members and wider stakeholders.

Networking and influencing

The network influences policy and practice through the co-ordination and planning of influencing activities with a range of organisations engaged in policy, research, influencing or delivery around the Better Work Agenda.

Evaluation of Timewise Foundation’s Earnings Progression Trial

This report brings together the findings from the independent evaluation of Timewise Foundation’s Universal Credit earnings progression trial which was delivered between January 2014 and April 2015.

Step Up: Trialling new approaches supporting low-paid workers to progress their careers

This report presents the findings from the evaluation the Step Up pilot, which aimed to test and learn from new approaches to supporting earnings progression among low paid Londoners.

Step Up: Project reports

Step Up was delivered by six voluntary sector organisations, each of which designed a distinct support model and/or targeted a specific group of low-paid workers. This report presents the headline findings and learnings points for each of the six providers.

Stepping up: supporting individuals to progress out of low pay

The motivation behind Step Up was simple – to stay true to our charitable mission!

Better Work Network: Working together to tackle low pay and in-work poverty

Data from the 2017 London Poverty Profile paints a mixed picture for Londoners. Whilst employment participation has been steadily improving across the capital – with 73% of the working-age population now in employment – indicators of work quality tell a different tale

Reducing poverty and increasing skills: the role of in-work provision

In-work poverty is rising, with an astonishing one in eight workers now living in poverty. London is no stranger to this issue, with the combination of low pay and spiralling housing costs blighting a record number of Londoners.

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