Adult Participation in Learning Survey

Learning and Work Institute’s Adult Participation in Learning survey is the longest running and most frequently occurring study of adult learning in the UK. The survey deliberately adopts a broad definition of learning, including a wide range of formal, non-formal and informal learning, far beyond the limits of publicly offered educational opportunities for adults.

Each year, 5,000 adults across the country are asked about their experiences of learning, when they last took part in any and how likely they are to do so in the future.

The survey series, which began in 1996, provides a unique overview of the level of participation in learning by adults, with a detailed breakdown of who participates and who does not, over a span of more than 20 years.

Here you can explore trend data for questions that have been asked consistently across a number of years of the survey. Presented as interactive charts, data can be broken down by demographics, learning status and other useful variables.

Rates of adult participation in learning

Likelihood of future learning

Methods of learning

Motivations for learning

Benefits of learning

Barriers to learning