Privacy and Terms

Learning and Work Institute has notified its details to the UK Data Protection Registry under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information supplied during the reservation/ordering/request/application process will be retained by Learning and Work Institute on a database, however we will not be retaining your credit/debit card details on our system.

Unless you have agreed otherwise, the information you provide to Learning and Work Institute will be used only to process your reservation/order/request/application and for internal monitoring purposes as described in this privacy policy. It will not be sold to any third parties.  You are not obliged to complete any part of the online reservations form relating to ethnic monitoring or age.  If you do so, the Learning and Work Institute will only use such information for its internal monitoring purposes and will not transfer such information to any third party.

If you subscribe to any of the e-mail discussion groups listed on the website, your e-mail address will not be available to other subscribers of those lists, unless you specify otherwise in your subscription options.

In the case of conference bookings or if you become a member of Learning and Work Institute Cymru and/or Learning and Work Institute your information will be retained on the Learning and Work Institute database.  Learning and Work Institute will compile a delegate list to be distributed at the relevant conferences/seminars and which may include your name and organisation or business.

If you have indicated your consent you may be contacted by letter or e-mail or fax with details of future events and publications organised or promoted by Learning and Work Institute which may be of interest to you.  Database mailing update forms are sent out periodically.  These provide you with the opportunity to have your details amended or deleted from the database.

This privacy policy only applies to the Learning and Work Institute website and not to any links to it.

The on-line reservation facility in the Conference Reservation Sections make use of session cookies, but this information is only used to process your order and as stated in this privacy policy. It contains information about the reservation so that it can pass the information to the next page in the process. At no time are your credit/debit card details stored in session cookies so these remain totally secure.

Learning and Work Institute website uses cookies…

  • to remember what is in your shopping basket
  • to remember how far you are through an order
  • as part of the of the login system to provide secure access to your information
  • to remember your login details
  • to record the number of visits to our site.

This website will not:

  • share the pages you visit with social networks like Facebook
  • send information to other websites so that advertising is more relevant to you.