LEP Support Programme: Apprenticeship Growth

ESFA are currently funding Learning and Work Institute to deliver a programme of support for LEPs to support apprenticeship growth. The programme, which is focussed around National Apprenticeships Week, includes:

  • Support to plan and deliver your local NAW2019 Campaign with our toolkit for LEPs.
  • Regional ‘ Apprenticeship Essentials’ training/networking events for local brokers, advisers and employer engagement staff within LEPs and other local intermediary organisations.
  • National Strategic Skills events for LEP skills leads and other relevant colleagues.
  • Themed webinars to hear about what works and share good practice in relation to apprenticeships.
  • Development of locally-bespoke employer toolkit to help your local businesses understand how apprenticeships can impact on their business performance
  • Consultancy support and advice for skills planning and co-ordination of brokerage
  • Support and training to analyse, interpret and present data on patterns of employer engagement in apprenticeships, with a particular focus on tailoring activity to local skills gaps
  • Funds of up to £3000 for each LEP to support their engagement with the programme.

If you would like to find out more about this programme, and take advantage of the support on offer, please contact Dr Fiona Aldridge.

Last year, as part of a similar programme we developed a range of resources to enhance LEPs’ engagement with local employers on apprenticeships. Explore some of the resources below.

  1. Employer journey mapping  guidance and toolkit
    This editable resource has been developed as a tool for LEPs to use on their digital platforms to describe in clear and straightforward terms the stages of the apprenticeship journey for employers.
  2. Intermediary training materials
    We worked with around a dozen LEPs to deliver tailored training and development support to employer intermediaries. These materials are now available for others to adapt for their own use.
  3. A framework for LEPs
    This guide aims to assist LEPs in their role to drive and strengthen local delivery of apprenticeships so that it effectively meets the needs of the labour market, supports inclusive growth and aligns with wider local priorities.
  4. Good practice guide
    This guide includes insights based on evidence of activity collected from across England, together with four detailed case studies of effective practice.