Policy Solutions

Our series of snappy policy think-pieces, called Policy Solutions, are designed to inform and influence policy makers.

Policy Solutions start a dialogue and generate discussions with our members and supporters. But we also want to be provocative and constructive, enabling us to forge new relationships through discussion and debate within the learning, skills and employment sectors and beyond.

All Change: Where next for apprenticeships?
4 June 2018

All Change: Where next for apprenticeships?

An essay collection with leading experts setting out ways to improve the quality of apprenticeships and ensure fair access to training. The Government’s apprenticeship reforms are the biggest in a generation and include the Apprenticeship Levy,...Read more »

22 February 2018

Exploring models for part-time and flexible apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a key government policy to support transition to the labour market, social mobility, economic growth and improved productivity. While evidence shows that the benefits to apprentices, to businesses and to our wider economy and...Read more »

20 November 2017

Apprentice Pay – Sticking to the Rules

This report presents the findings from our research and makes recommendations for improving employer awareness of and compliance with the National Minimum Wage for apprentices.

15 March 2017

Three Million Apprenticeships – Building ladders of opportunity

Apprenticeships are a great way to combine learning and earning and meet employers’ skills needs. That is why they have a long history dating back several centuries, though today’s apprenticeships have a wider focus including on...Read more »

Local People Local Growth 31 January 2017

Local People: Local Growth

Since 2012, we have been at the forefront of calls for Government to devolve more resource and responsibility to cities and local areas. We argue that local areas should have a leading role in building better...Read more »

Three Million Careers 31 October 2016

Three Million Careers: Making the Apprenticeship Levy Work

The Government has a target of three million apprenticeship starts in England by 2020, and is introducing an Apprenticeship Levy on the payroll of large employers to fund this increase and to encourage greater employer engagement...Read more »

Halving the Gap 31 July 2016

Halving the Gap: Making the Work and Health Programme work for disabled people

6.9 million people in the UK aged 16-64 have a long-term health condition or disability. This is equivalent to around one in six of the ‘working age’ population. However,while 80% of those who are not disabled...Read more »

Power to the people 1 July 2016

Power to the People: The case for Personal Learning Accounts

Learning is central to a fair and prosperous society. The links between learning throughout life and national prosperity, business success, societal cohesion, and individual opportunity and life chances are clear and well established. Learning helps you...Read more »

Close the Gap 1 April 2016

Close The Gap: The Learning and Work agenda for the next Mayor of London

London is one of the world’s truly great and iconic cities. It draws in people and ideas from around the world, offering unprecedented opportunity. It is a vital engine of the UK economy and a job...Read more »

Appentice Charter 1 September 2015

Apprentice Charter – High Quality, Better Outcomes

The government wants to see another 3 million apprentices by 2020, and that’s a vision that we can all buy in to. But to make that happen we need to make sure apprenticeships are a high...Read more »

1 April 2015

Ten Policies for Ten People

Ten Policies for Ten People outlines changes that NIACE and Inclusion would like the next Government to put in place in its first hundred days – changes that can make a real difference quickly to people’s...Read more »

Making Migration Work 1 March 2015

Making Migration Work

Our policy solution calling for urgent action to unlock the skills of migrants and UK residents.

1 February 2015

No Limits: From Getting By To Getting On

Britain faces a wages crisis, underpinned by low productivity. Britain’s social security system doesn’t support aspiration. Britain needs new support for people in work to progress. For the last seven years, people’s wages have risen more...Read more »