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Reasearch and development

Research and development

Our skilled policy leads can support you with research projects, policy advice, evaluation and feasibility studies, product development, trends and analysis, and with piloting new approaches.



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Conferences, events and training

Our conferences, seminars, training and online events can support your professional development, and our in-house training offer can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Our work

Life and Society

1 in 6 UK adults struggle with literacy, 1 in 4 with numeracy, while many struggle with other life skills. Our work aims to build more integrated support, better local planning and delivery, taking forward the recommendations of our Family Learning Inquiry.

Work and Careers

Despite high UK employment rates too many people are stuck on low pay or no pay, negatively impacting our economy. Our work explores how integrated support, a National Advancement Service and world class Apprenticeships can help.

Improving the system

The UK has skills deficits that are holding us back, but public investment has fallen by a third in five years. Our work looks at how the learning, skills and employment systems can achieve more with less - for individuals, employers and the tax payer.

Promoting Learning and Skills

We want a society where everyone has a chance to learn and achieve. Using our research and evidence, we challenge thinking, stimulate debate, advocate on behalf of learners and practitioners, so that everyone can benefit from lifelong learning.


Learning and Work Institute's analysis of labour market statistics

Learning and Work publish monthly statistics on the current labour market in the UK


Statistical Analysis

Learning and Work Institute provide a free analysis on labour market and work statistics on an ongoing basis.

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