Meet Our People

Company Board

Haf Merrifield photo

Haf Merrifield


Jeff Greenidge photo

Jeff Greenidge

Chair, Wales Strategy Group

Michael Davis photo

Michael Davis


Mike Kapur photo

Mike Kapur


Mike Langhorn photo

Mike Langhorn

Chair, Audit Committee

Nick Stuart CB photo

Nick Stuart CB


Our Fellows

Senior Management Team

Dave Hagendyk photo

Dave Hagendyk

Director for Wales

Dr Fiona Aldridge photo

Dr Fiona Aldridge

Assistant Director for Research and Development

Duncan Melville photo

Duncan Melville

Chief Economist

Joyce Black photo

Joyce Black

Assistant Director for Research and Development

Robert Gill photo

Robert Gill

Assistant Director, Finance and Resource

Stephen Evans photo

Stephen Evans

Chief Executive

Tony Wilson photo

Tony Wilson

Director of Policy and Research


Our People

Alex Stevenson photo

Alex Stevenson

Head of English, Maths & ESOL

Ash Patel photo

Ash Patel

Head of Research (Inclusion)

Emily Jones photo

Emily Jones

Head of Research

Kathryn Ray photo

Kathryn Ray

Head of Research - Employment & Skills

Kay Smith photo

Kay Smith

Head of Research, Policy and Campaigns, Wales

Mintra Sadler photo

Mintra Sadler

Head of Events

Nicola Aylward photo

Nicola Aylward

Head of Learning for Young People

Paul Bivand photo

Paul Bivand

Associate Director of Statistics and Analysis